Robotertechnik aus Dortmund

Milling and sawing of aluminum trims and profiles

The system solutions for the production of aluminum roof rail profiles are now in use worldwide and offer our customers maximum process reliability and cost-effectiveness.
In the standard version, the bent profiles are manually inserted into the fixtures of the milling cell and then sawn and milled by up to 3 robots. The level of automation can be further increased by integrating additional robots. For example, in addition to loading the cell from a buffer section, the bending process can also be integrated.
Additional robots take over the deburring of the components and the grinding of the end surfaces. This achieves a high autonomy and an optimal efficiency of the plant. Programming with FAMOS robotic® makes it easy for the user to modify the robot paths quickly and precisely without entering the milling cell and interrupting the production process. From planning to acceptance in your plant, you receive all services from us as a complete package. With the experience of more than 70 part variants CARAT has an excellent and unique process know-how.

Milling and sawing of aluminum profiles

  • compact milling and sawing cells with 3 robots
  • machining robot ABB IRB 4400/60
  • combined tool of saw and milling spindle with minimum quantity lubrication
  • turntable (4 x 90°) for 4 part fixtures
  • conveyor for waste pieces and milling chips
  • mobile base frame with soundproof cabin
  • cabin exhaust optional

Robot cell for processing aluminum trims

  • flexible robot solution for medium quantities
  • programming and optimization of robot paths with FAMOS robotic®
  • feeding and positioning via 2 x 180° turntable
  • automatic quick-action gate for turntable guarding
  • quick change of part-specific clamping devices
  • sound insulated cabin with reinforced sheet metal cassettes
  • milling spindle with automatic milling cutter change

Complete solution for the machining of roof rail profiles

  • robot system with up to 8 robots for large quantities
  • parallel processes for minimum cycle times
  • feeding of the parts and loading of the stretch bender
  • insertion of the bent parts into the milling fixture
  • sawing to length and milling of the roof railing profiles
  • deburring and grinding of the milled areas
  • combined tooling for uninterrupted work
  • cleaning robot for chip-free clamping fixtures
  • conveyor line for OK parts