Robotertechnik aus Dortmund

Automation and Handling

When it comes to automation with robots, CARAT can optimally contribute its knowledge and experience from more than 25 years and over 1100 robots sold. The elaboration of a concept and the project planning of the plant is the first and most important step to ensure the evaluation of the investment. It does not matter whether a robot with 5 kg or with 300 kg maximum payload is used or whether it will be an application with a collaborating robot - i.e. cobot.
As a general contractor, we integrate the competencies of our network partners and can thus open up new fields of application for our customers.

Machine Loading

  • loading and unloading of a hydraulic press for forming aluminum sheets
  • automatic separation and removal of the plates from the input stack
  • transfer to the two process robots
  • moving of the components between the forming stages
  • extremely long gripper geometry to cover the necessary working area
  • flexible safety fencing for fast access when setting up the tools

Marking and Testing

  • handling of semi-finished products
  • flexible system technology for a high number of variants
  • indexing table 5 x 72┬░
  • application of a QR code by laser with integrated suction system
  • scanning and recording in internal database
  • contactless diameter inspection
  • compact and lightproof protection cabin

Handling of large steel components

  • machine loading and component positioning
  • 2x ABB IRB 760 (palletizing robot with 4 axes)
  • handling of large-area parts
  • component dimensions up to 2.5 x 1.5 m / weights up to 200 kg
  • safe and defined gripping of the components by using magnetic grippers
  • compensation unit to equalize tolerances when loading the machine