Foundry - Fettling / Grinding / Cutting

Automation solutions are particularly demanding in the tough environment of the foundry. The aggressive surroundings put a strain on the machine technology, large weights and high process forces require stable and safe hardware. The trend towards smaller quantities creates additional demands in terms of flexibility in component feeding, grippers and, ultimately, in the programming of the application. For the conception of the solutions we use our simulation tool FAMOS robotic®, which allows a quick examination and visualization of the planned solutions. In this way, limitations become quickly visible and can be taken into account and eliminated in advance.
Another point is the tolerance of the components themselves and the usually strongly fluctuating burr geometries and characteristics, which must be taken into account accordingly. For this purpose, we use selected clamping and machining tools and utilize the possibilities of measuring and testing sensors to safeguard the robot processes.

Grinding and fettling of foundry components

  • workpiece guided processing of the components
  • mobile grinding cabin with sound insulation
  • component feeding via sliding or rotary table
  • grinding units with 23 kW
  • choice of corundum or diamond wheels
  • user-friendly operator interface for all control functions
  • workpiece weights up to 120 kg

Cutting cell with robot

  • hydraulic gripper for high process forces
  • feeding via sliding table
  • cutting unit with 75 kW power
  • wheel diameter 800 mm
  • automatic wear compensation by the robot
  • reinforced cabin structure with additional deflector plates
  • mobile cabin for short commissioning times
  • programming support and reachability tests with our offline programming software FAMOS robotic┬«

Fettling of small parts

  • component feeding via XXL sliding table with high autarky
  • loading parallel to the process
  • output via conveyor belt
  • grinding unit with 18 kW
  • corundum wheel with automatic wear compensation
  • precise machining of contours
  • easy operation via HMI

Fettling cell with tool-guided machining

  • component feeding and positioning via rotary table
  • process-parallel loading and unloading
  • powerful high-frequency spindles with speed control
  • magazine for six different machining tools with automatic tool change
  • area monitoring by safety light grid