Robotertechnik aus Dortmund

Robotic machining for interior and exterior components

When milling interior components, the design of the fixtures and the development of the milling strategy have a significant influence on the quality of the milled components. After a detailed analysis of the CAD data and taking into account the customer-specific requirements, we create the optimum clamping and machine concept. The goal is maximum process reliability and quality for future production.

Milling of instrument panels (interior)

  • mobile milling cells with up to 3 robots working in parallel
  • automatic cutter change and cutter breakage control
  • turntable with 2 table sides for process parallel loading and unloading
  • cabin exhaust and chip conveyor
  • automatic program selection via coding / barcode
  • Poka Yoke / connection to tracability systems
  • offline programming with FAMOS robotic®

Milling of bumpers (exterior)

  • mobile milling cabin with sound insulation
  • 1-station version for small quantities
  • 2-station milling cell with turntable
  • 2 x 4-station version for maximum number of variants without setup
  • 1 to 3 robots for optimum cycle time utilization
  • safety technology (light barriers, roller shutter, rear access protection)
  • suction concept with local suction through the fixture

Cutting with ultrasonic

  • cutting of foils and carrier/foam combinations (IP)
  • clean cut edges at high feed rates
  • standard robots with high flexibility
  • optimized cutting parameters for minimum service times

Milling of large components

    • component dimensions up to 2500 mm
    • 2 different products in direct change
    • feeding of the fixtures / components via linear unit with 2 shuttles
    • additional positioning within the cell (+/- 500 mm)
    • 2 milling robots with 2.8 m working area in MultiMove mode
    • division of milling areas and optimization of cycle times with FAMOS robotic®
    • milling spindle with automatic cutter change from cutter magazine

    Clamping fixtures / sample part processing

      • technical design of the fixture according to your process requirements
      • robust base frame with contour holders made of durable plastic material
      • interface for quick fixture change
      • mechanical clamping / fixing via vacuum
      • assembly, commissioning and robot programming from one provider
      • production of first components in our workshop