Robotertechnik aus Dortmund

Working principles and competence

As a robot system house we have successfully delivered more than 1100 industrial robots for the world market until today. CARAT robot systems can be found in all branches of the manufacturing industry with a focus on the automotive and automotive supplier industry as well as the fittings and foundry industry. Our technological competence includes processes of surface technology (grinding, polishing, brushing, deburring) as well as milling, sawing or cutting of plastics and aluminum. This requires special machines, devices, fixtures and system components, which CARAT develops, manufactures and sells itself. The industrial robot is to be regarded as a standard product, which is selected, configured and integrated into the robot systems according to the customer's specific requirements.

Our robot systems comply with the European machinery directives and are equipped with supporting sensors, control systems and intelligent software technology. Robot systems of CARAT thus belong to the absolute high technologies of machine and plant engineering. Due to the demanding focus on " high-precision machining" we have successively extended our product portfolio by sensor technology, image processing, simulation technology and by shop floor related offline programming and have established it on the market.

The robot systems are designed by our engineers and technicians according to customer specifications and then mechanically and electrically detailed. All CARAT systems are assembled, programmed, tested and optimized in Dortmund. In this way, after more than 25 years of business development, we have access to a comprehensive mechanical engineering and equipment program, consisting of our own processing machines, fixtures and gripper systems, including the associated drawing sets and documentation. After preliminary acceptance in Dortmund, the robot systems are delivered and put into operation at the customer's site. A team of service engineers carries out commissioning, instruction and final process optimization on site.


And what do you want to automate? What is your application? Milling - sawing - grinding - polishing - brushing - deburring - cleaning . . .
The subject of machining robots is very close to our hearts and has accompanied us from the very beginning. From milling robots for instrument panels to grinding robots for welding seams to complete machining systems for aluminum profiles with several robots - Contact us now for more information.


Save time and work efficiently. Create your robot programs offline, parallel to the plant operation. With our programming software FAMOS robotic you create your robot programs based on CAD data including accessibility and cycle time consideration. Optimize your processes now and program your robots from your desk.
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Handling with robots - Looks simple, but often it is not. Robots of all sizes are used. From the small, collaborative table-top robot with a handling weight of 5 kg to its big brother with a 3 m working radius and a load capacity of 300 kg. Careful planning is a prerequisite for successful installation in your company.
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