Robotertechnik aus Dortmund


For more than 25 years CARAT has been active as a supplier and service provider in the field of robotics. A lot has happened during this time - together with our customers and partners we look back on many remarkable milestones.


1992    Foundation of carat robotic innovation GmbH
1993    First grinding cell for grinding aluminum trim panels
1994    Sales launch of the offline programming software FAMOS robotic
1997    First robot cell for milling airbag slots
1998    10 robot cells for grinding and polishing of sanitary armatures
1999    Milling cell for instrument panels (C-Class DC)
2001    Expansion of milling applications in the aluminum sector (trims and profiles)
2002    Entry into the iron foundry sector with first fettling robot
2003    Expansion of the training and qualification program
2004    FAMOS Software V7 with integrated robot simulation
2005    Expansion of the market position in the field of milling of plastics (Interior / Exterior)
2006    Introduction of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
2008    3 robot lines for grinding and polishing of sanitary fittings
2009    Complete solutions for the production of aluminum trim and roof railing systems
2010    GAVAROLINE - robot line for galvanizing sanitary fittings
2011    Entry into CFRP machining with robots
2013    Market leader in milling of aluminum with industrial robots
2015    ABB AWARD for Outstanding Performance / Authorized Value Provider of ABB
2016    Export to USA / Mexico / China
2017    25th anniversary of carat robotic innovation GmbH
2018    Delivery of the 1,000th robot
2020    First milling cell exported to South Africa


And what do you want to automate? What is your application? Milling - sawing - grinding - polishing - brushing - deburring - cleaning . . .
The subject of machining robots is very close to our hearts and has accompanied us from the very beginning. From milling robots for instrument panels to grinding robots for welding seams to complete machining systems for aluminum profiles with several robots - Contact us now for more information.


Save time and work efficiently. Create your robot programs offline, parallel to the plant operation. With our programming software FAMOS robotic you create your robot programs based on CAD data including accessibility and cycle time consideration. Optimize your processes now and program your robots from your desk.
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Handling with robots - Looks simple, but often it is not. Robots of all sizes are used. From the small, collaborative table-top robot with a handling weight of 5 kg to its big brother with a 3 m working radius and a load capacity of 300 kg. Careful planning is a prerequisite for successful installation in your company.
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