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FAMOS robotic - Simulation and Offline-Programming


4 steps to optimal use


FAMOS robotic® is an efficient tool for generating motion paths for industrial robots and for optimizing processes, during preparation in the office and directly at the plant. The program is used by us as well as by our customers in all phases of a robot application.

FAMOS robotic® is the result of many years of continuous development. We work closely with our robot programmers, designers, partners, robot manufacturers and - most important - with our customer.


All our developers have experience with real robots and real systems. The result of this collaboration is an offline programming system for robot programmers that is optimized for real-world applications.


For more information, please visit our FAMOS robotic® homepage.

TOP Application: Spraying and Painting

A lot of time and work has to be invested to create, simulate and ultimately also optimize the numerous robot programs in the painting of bumpers. In close cooperation with a major manufacturer of exterior components, functionalities have been integrated that today simplify work on the paint line and ensure optimum quality.



Successful partnership

For more than 15 years, the robots of Klöckner DESMA and their customers have been programmed with software products from carat. Initially with DESCOM V3, since 2016 also with FAMOS robotic® in the special DESMA edition. Industry-specific features and extensions around the topic of shoe processing support users worldwide in optimizing their robot applications.

Current focus

Demo Version

On our FAMOS homepage you can find your demo version for free download. Just install and go.